Put Me On The Shelf

An exclusive web series presented by Wotts Productions LLC.

Put Me On The Shelf is a comedy web series based about four friends and their journey on getting some cheeks and having a good time. But in life, things don’t always work out the way it seems. Filled with more laughs then a little bit, Put Me On The Shelf takes barbershop talk to the next level.

Created and Written by: Tai Theory
Genre: Comedy
Director: Roxanne Lanette
Cinematographer: Daniel Whyte; Brova (KAIVPRODs Inc)
Producer: Brandon Thompson
Editor: Staar
Production Assistant: Peko
Actors: Tai Thompson (Hank); Kiev Jarmauld (Jeff); McCracken (Ozzy); Brandon Johnson (Marty); Jada Norris (Kevin)